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Bardiya is one of the five districts within Bheri Zone and lies in Province 5 of Nepal. Gulariya is the district headquarter. Covering an area of 2,025 sq km, the district is divided into 31 VDCs and one Municipality. It has 83,176 households with a total population of 426,576 (Male 205,080 & Female 221,496). Tourists who visited Bardiya preferred to stay in hotels, there was very little interaction with the locals and so most of the income generated did not benefit the locals. The local community mostly was reliant on agriculture, and many people went abroad in search of better job prospects. Seeing the prospects of tourism and wildlife conservation, homestays were developed in Bardiya with the help of WWF. With the establishment of homestays opportunities for the locals have increased. The homestays now provide an opportunity for Bardiya's local women to assume greater responsibilities in the community.
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