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Chitwan is located in West Nepal and it’s well known for it’s warm weather (we are talking about 30 degrees!), it’s safaris and it’s cool atmosphere. Chitwan is always included in the route. So if you find yourself visiting, then keep reading to find out the top things to do in Chitwan in this little Chitwan travel guide.<br /> The best time to visit Chitwan is October to March. This is because the skies are clear, the temperatures are warm and comfortable and prices are good. The best time to see animals on a safari in Chitwan national park would be around January to March.<br /> But you’ve still got a chance to see animals at other months too!<br /> Chitwan is a quaint area with a few things to do, but there isn’t enough to do here for a weeks worth. I’d say the perfect amount of time is about 3 nights. You could stretch to 4 nights if you wanted to relax, and you could do everything in 2 nights if you are in a rush. Okay, now that the technical aspects are sorted, let’s get into what to do in Chitwan. Below I take you through my top 5 things to do in Chitwan Nepal. The main attraction in Chitwan and the reason everyone goes is for Chitwan National Safari Park. It’s very large and provides opportunities for seeing animals including leopards, elephants etc. One of the activities you can undertake in the park are walks. These walks can be as short as half a day, to a couple of days “trekking”. In order to do these walks you need to take a guide with you. There is no way around this.
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