Our Story


Our Story

Having 10+ years of experience in the hospitality sector, and being someone who loves exploring, Mr. Chaudary, founder of Passersby,  himself found it difficult to get an appropriate stay during much of his experience in Nepal itself. Having pure intention of making sure that others don’t face such difficulties, whether domestic or international travellers, Mr. Chaudary came up with Passersby as a trouble-free platform for comfortable stay whenever and wherever anyone wants to travel across Nepal. Since the beginning of 2022, more than three lakh international tourists have visited Nepal, which is a large number. Connecting such a huge number of tourists to the hotel as per their desire of stay is what Passerby is all about.

Our Mission

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Our mission

Travelling is not just going around and having fun, it is also a source of inspiration, relaxation, motivation, and a means to get out of one’s comfort zone and explore. Despite this reason, Passersby will make sure that you enjoy your travelling as a tourist or our services as a stay-place of the hotel. Connecting yourself with Passersby as a traveller will enhance your experience of travelling with the desired type of stay, food, and hospitality.

We here at passersby tend to provide the best version of your travelling experience not only in the cosy, and easily available hotels of the city but also in the unreachable places having network problems and are hard to get connected with, as well as to research on. Our team will lead you with appropriate transportation options, and make sure that you get the desired rooms from your imagination even before you start packing your bags, that too on your budget.

On the contrary, connecting yourself with passersby as a hotel, or stay-home, will enable you to take advantage of getting more customers, knowing your upcoming customers, and the desires of your customers, and hence facilitate you to prepare beforehand.  Followed by this, we will provide you with online customer feedback along with consultation from specialists in regard to boosting your hospitality and services.